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In 2015, Profile had the honor of partnering with Petrochem, Inc. in up-branding/marketing and re-establishing the subsidiary as a leading specialty contractor for industrial and commercial facilities of all types and sizes.


Thanks to a comprehensive company rebranding, Petrochem is now prepared to meet its revenue goals by leveraging the pivotable marketing tools we developed to support its business operations. The following is an example of turn key development and support in Petrochem’s future. 

Brand Reveal/ Research/ Analysis

At Profile, we respect the foundational strengths of our B2B clients. By stepping into Petrochem’s shoes and looking out through their eyes and experience, we got to know the company culture from the inside out, quickly bringing both our teams up to speed through market research/segmentation, employee feedback and all-inclusive company analyzation. This preliminary framework allowed us to begin executing the most functional marketing materials for the company.

Logo Design / Keying Mechanisms

Petrochem’s original logo had over 40 years of history behind it, so bringing it into the present while paying respect to the past was of great importance. Profile designed a visual identity for Petrochem that makes a smooth transition from old to new. Petrochem’s new logo and keying mechanisms tie all marketing material together with a fresh, forward look that communicates the company’s reputation for strength, performance, integrity, and trust.

Company Brochure: Pivotal Marketing Tool

A company brochure is a direct reflection of a company’s brand. Pairing strong visuals and streamlined messaging, we created a moving timeline that puts a face on Petrochem and communicates its record of stability and trust as well as its vision for the future. Petrochem’s new brochure is now a pivotal marketing tool that will last the company for years to come.

Brochure Inserts: Targeting Current and Future Opportunities

By creating three target market inserts, we built flexibility into Petrochem’s company brochure. These inserts enable Petrochem to speak directly to the needs of specific target audiences. They also provide the company with an economical way to update materials as marketing goals shift.

Website Development: Powerful Internet Presence

Building on a user-friendly platform, Profile developed a website for Petrochem that engages target audiences; supports search engine optimization (SEO); and features a Media Center that provides a repository for articles, videos, and more. The flexible platform delivers technology that Petrochem can grow into, leaving the door open to the integration of apps and tools as needs arise.

Trade Show Booth: 1:1 Marketing

To help Petrochem stand out on the trade show floor, Profile developed four booths to enhance one-on-one interaction with prospects. Each booth is designed to address the specific demands of a particular target market. This customized approach demonstrates to trade-show attendees that Petrochem is a company firmly in step with its customers.

Style Guide: Building a Brand Blueprint

Tinidazole us A tool to unify the company and brand. 

Consistent use of the Petrochem identity will strengthen the value of its brand. Petrochem’s revised style guide functions as a brand blueprint. Covering everything from logo standards to vehicle graphics, the guide places leadership firmly in control of the Petrochem brand and supports the presentation of a united front.

The Profile Process

Research – We don’t come in and impose our ideas on clients, we step into our clients shoes and look out their eyes to build their brand.
Planning – After performing our Analysis we meet to discuss our findings and establish a direction.
Design – Our experts get to work with our professional photography, graphic design, copy writing and programming.
Production – After reviewing the materials and incorporating your feedback we bring your digital and print marketing tools to life.